Qualifications for Participation

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

Bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates who will complete their coursework between December 2018 and  August 2019 are invited to participate in Commencement in May 2019. Under extenuating circumstances, candidates who do not meet this requirement may petition their home colleges for permission to participate.

It is the student’s responsibility to know and fulfill all degree requirements for graduation. Participation in Convocation and Commencement ceremonies does not indicate that degree requirements have been completed.

Students must file a diploma request form on MySlice (and update their addresses). Filing on MySlice activates the certification process and awarding of a degree. Students must file their request by January 31, 2019.


Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral degree candidates must have earned their degrees by April 23, 2019 to participate. Questions regarding the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony should be directed to Associate Dean Gabrielle Chapman at the Graduate School at (315) 443-3425 or e-mail her at ghchapma@syr.edu.