Suggest a Speaker

The Syracuse University Commencement speaker is chosen through an annual selection process that starts when students, staff, faculty, alumni, and others in the community offer speaker suggestions through this website.  The rolling list of speaker suggestions is linked below. The list is collected, duplicates removed and periodically updated on this page.

Speaker Selection Process

The speaker selection process begins more than one year in advance of Commencement.  The chosen speaker joins a long list of distinguished past Commencement speakers who have shared their thoughts, perspectives, and wisdom with Syracuse University graduates.

Student Committee

All names submitted through the website are compiled in an alphabetically unranked list and given to the official speaker selection committee composed of

  • senior class marshals (two seniors who represent the entire graduating class at commencement and who chair the committee);
  • student marshals from each of the University’s schools and colleges who represent their classmates;


This all-student committee reviews the names collected on the Commencement speaker suggestion list. Following their deliberations, the committee presents a list of proposed speakers to the University Senate, who then presents the list to the Chancellor. The Chancellor reviews the list and makes a final decision on the basis of relevance to the Syracuse University community, availability, and reasonableness of cost.


All nominees for Commencement speaker must be eligible to receive an honorary degree from the University. The University Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees hosts a website detailing its process and criteria for selection. A vote by the University Senate decides which nominations are forwarded to the Chancellor for consideration.

A suggestion for Commencement speaker should be based on the following considerations:

  • Outstanding achievement in an academic field, the arts, business, etc.
  • Innovative and creative achievements
  • Humanitarian deeds and the degree to which the candidate’s activities have touched various lives
  • Extent to which candidate’s achievement represents sustained efforts over the course of his/her career
  • Extent to which candidate represents an outstanding model for our graduates
  • The honor brought to SU should the candidate accept the nomination

Speaker Suggestions 2020 [PDF]

Submitted Speaker Suggestions 2021


Last  First Identifying Information Affiliation Date Submitted 
Biden  Joe  Former Vice President of the US Student  09.19.2019
Brown  Dr. Brene  Research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation  Graduate Student  09.20.2019
Chast Roz Staff cartoonist for the NYTimes Alumna & mother of 2020 graduate 09.20.2019
Colbert  Stephen Comedian, Political commentator Student  10.22.2019
DiCaprio Leonardo Actor, environmentalist, producer  Student 10.22.2019
Hayden Carla Library of Congress Student 10.16.2019
Musk Elon Business mogul, renewable energy investor & influencer, entrepreneur, founder & CEO of SpaceX, co-founder of Tesla  Student 09.23.2019
Obama Michelle Former First Lady of the US Student 09.25.2019
Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria  Congressional Representative for the 14th District  Student  10.17.2019
Richardson Kevin One of the Exonerated Five  Student 11.01.2019
Rogan Joe Famous Podcaster, comedian, tv personality  Student  10.02.2019
Vaynerchuk Gary Internet personality, NYTimes best-selling author, known for digital marketing & social media  Student 09.19.2019
Warren  Elizabeth US Senator and 2020 Presidential candidate  Student  10.05.2019