The 2023 Commencement in the JMA Wireless Dome will accommodate all guests comfortably. While a spirit of joy and enthusiasm is encouraged, the dignity of this important occasion should not be devalued. Please be courteous to all speakers.

Candidates and guests may not bring bottles, sparklers, firecrackers, or any objects that might present danger or disrupt the Commencement ceremony. Balloons and smoking are not permitted in the JMA Wireless Dome.

We ask you to help make Commencement at Syracuse University a proud moment for all attendees.

For All Graduation Candidates

Commencement Checklist see Long Description

Commencement Weekend Checklist [Text Version]

Proper Attire

Regalia is required to participate in ceremonies hosted throughout Commencement weekend, including all school/college convocations and Commencement.

  • Undergraduate regalia consists of a navy gown, mortarboard cap and tassel.
  • Master’s regalia consists of a black gown, hood, mortarboard cap and tassel.
  • Doctoral regalia consists of a doctoral gown, hood, tam and tassel.
  • Honor cords and/or stoles are bestowed by school/college/units to graduate candidates that have received specific honors.

Syracuse University Class of 2023 graduation candidates model regalia for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral regalia

While processing into the ceremony, gowns should be fully zipped. For undergraduate degree candidates, tassels are worn on the right side of the cap before the ceremony and are then moved from the right side to the left once your degree is conferred. For Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates, tassels should be worn on the left side of the cap and remains there during the entire Commencement ceremony.

Additional Information on Syracuse University Regalia

SU Bachelor’s Mortarboards

All graduates have a navy mortarboard cap with a colored tassel that corresponds to their school and a signet that indicates the year.

SU Master’s Degree Hoods

Master’s degree recipients wear a hood with velvet trim that denotes their field of study.

Architecture – Lavender
Arts & Sciences M.A. – White
Arts & Sciences M.S. – Gold
Arts & Sciences M.F.A. – White
Falk – Citron
Engineering & Computer Science – Orange
Maxwell M.A. – White
Maxwell M.S. – Gold
MPA – Peacock Blue
Newhouse – Maroon
VPA M.A. Arts in Context – White
VPA M.A. Museum Studies – White
VPA M.A. Audio Arts – White
VPA M.F.A. – Brown
VPA M.A. Communication & Rhetorical Studies – Silver
VPA Drama – Silver
VPA SETNOR (Music Performance Degree) – Pink
School of Education – Powder Blue
School of Education (Music Education Degree) – Powder Blue
School of Information Studies – Lemon Yellow
Whitman – Drab
College of Law LLM – Purple

SU Master’s Mortarboards

All graduates have a black mortarboard cap with a black tassel without a signet that indicates the year to distinguish Master’s candidates from the Bachelor’s candidates.

SU Doctoral Hoods

Doctoral degree recipients wear a black hood with velvet trim that denotes their degree, and an orange satin inner lining for Syracuse University's color.

Arts – White Velvet
Education – Light Blue Velvet
Philosophy – Dark Blue Velvet
Audiology – Spruce Green Velvet
Juris – Purple Velvet

SU Doctoral Tams

Syracuse University Doctoral graduates wear an 8-sided Tam w/gold tassel.